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Yinsh is an abstract 2-player strategy game within the so-called “Gipf” series by Kris Burm. It’s on rank 2 for abstract games on boardgamegeek, followed by two other games from the Gipf series.

Heroes of Jugger TTG

Board games that try to simulate the feeling of a sport usually fail. It is difficult to create the same kind of dynamic of a sport in a board game. Heroes of Jugger TTG  positively surprised me as a game designer and jugger player.

Best 20 Party Games

When I host a gaming session I often struggle which game fits best with our group size. So I went through Boardgamegeek (a popular board game forum) to find the best 20 party games and sorted them by best play count, minimum age, average playing time and weight.

Best 30 family board games

I often struggle which games I should purchase and play with a certain play count. Thus, I did some research on boardgamegeek (a popular forum for board games, often just called “BGG”) and made a list of the best 30 family board games. Hopefully this helps you to find the best game for your gaming […]