Our Vision – Eco-Friendly and Fun-First Game Design for a Purpose

“Discover Karma Games’ vision, where deep strategy games meets eco-friendly production and the support of highly effective charities.”

Deep strategy games: Fun is at the core of what we do. We believe that games should be enjoyable, engaging, and deeply entertaining. We focus on deep strategy games with an elegant ruleset. Furthermore, we strive to make our games language-independent highly-replayable and as thematic as possible for that  type of game. More information about that here.

Eco-Friendly Production Methods: Karma Games is dedicated to use eco-friendly production methods. We prioritize sustainability, avoiding plastic usage, and increasing the use of wood to minimize our environmental impact.

Effective Altruism in Action: We aim to have a positive impact through our ongoing support of highly-effective charities. While games are mostly just entertaining rather than saving the world, we sense a deeper meaning through our work due to our charitable goals. Some charities are up to 1000 times more effective than others, so we only support highly-charities that were recommended by organizations such as GiveWell or GivingWhatWeCan. Even small amounts that might seem insignificant to us can make a huge difference for the recipients. It costs only about 5$ to fund and distribute a malaria net and this can reduce a whole family’s risk to get malaria and even reduces child mortality significantly. Finally, it is even proven that prosocial spending boosts your own happiness. This is perfectly in line with the common understanding of Karma as “What goes around, comes around” 🙂 

Karma Games has matured in size and operations. Its team has grown to 5 passionate gamers and Karma Games is also publishing games from game submissions.