Karma Games is accepting game submissions from game designers and is especially interested in games with the following features:

Medium to heavy euro games 

  • little or no luck
  • highly replayable
  • good flow
  • high level of indirect interaction
  • scale well with number of players
  • well balanced
  • decently thematic (without being too complex)
  • possibility of being highly language independent
  • expected BGG weight approx. between 2.7 and 3.9
  • Play time between 60 and 150 min
  • player count at least 2 – 4

Many game designers of euro games focus a lot on inventing novel mechanics. We at Karma Games think games should primarily be fun and if the novel mechanics are fun, even better! However, a novel mechanic is worth nothing if it actually decreases the fun players have. We like innovation but fun is the most important feature of a game. We are particularly intested in games that are relatively deep despite rather simple and streamlined rules.

If you have any such game that fits and that posseses most of the features listed feel free to submit your game via the form below only If we are interested we will ask you to send us a prototype so we can playtest it or playtest it virtually via Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia.


Game Submissions

A prototype is required for us to evaluate your submission.

Games we publish must be playable by (at least) 2, 3 and 4 players.

We only evaluate games that have been thoroughly playtested. 

We only evaluate games that have been thoroughly playtested.

We only evaluate games that have been thoroughly playtested. 

We need to be able to modify games during development, hence we are only looking to work with designers who are open to that.

Player Interactions

Cooperative games we publish must have a variable difficulty setting.

Cooperative games we publish must address this very typical problem.

Games we publish must not allow a player to be excluded from the game.

Games we publish must include at least some interaction between players.

Luck dependence

We are not interested in publishing games that are heavily luck dependent.


Games we publish must have a high degree of replayability.

Submission Form

Basic description of the game


Advanced description of the game

Gaming background of the author

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Pleasure doing business with you