Two big game releases planned for this year, and we grow our team! 

1) Thiefdom

In Thiefdom players represent competing thief guilds who rob from the rich medieval town called Bacharach to declare the most skillful thief guild. It is a strategic,
interactive and thematic pickup & delivery game for 1-4 players who each control three thief figures and try to avoid the four city guards who try to bust any thief they run into.

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2) Millennia

Millennia is a competitive civilization game for 1-4 players. The game’s setting spans a millennia, namely a time span of thousands of years. Players go through eight ages from the ancient, to medieval ages, to the modern age and finally to the near future and the player with most victory points wins. The game features game board and more than 300 cards, with more than 200 unique card illustrations with motifs from different ages.

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3) Job Ad: management assistant

Since we will be quite busy with at least 2 crowdfunding campaigns this year, we are seeking for a management assistant with a good grasp of both English and German for about 20 hours a week. Remote work is possible. Find more details in the job ad here!
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