Clans of Caledonia on Boardgamearena

Clans of Caledonia was released on the browser-based platform Board Game Arena! Clans of Caledonia is the most popular among 161 games on the whole platform! There are currently more than 700 games of Clans of Caledonia in progress! The developer Leo really did a fantastic job implementing the game.

You can now play online against other players or use the official solo variant which is a great way to learn the game. There are two modes: turn-based and real-time.

Clans of Caledonia on Board Game Arena
Clans of Caledonia on Board Game Arena

The game is a premium game: that means that you need a premium account to open a table there. However, you can join a table even without a premium account. The premium membership only costs 2€ per month though. Going premium gives you these perks:

  • create tables for Clans of Caledonia and many other premium games
  • removes ads
  • hotseat mode
  • video/voice chat
  • game stats
  • create tournaments
  • choose your player color

The revenues are split among Karma Games, the developer Leo and Board Game Arena and help the platform to keep things running.

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  1. Eric Bonney says:

    You mention a “turn-based” option and real time. I looked for the turn-based as I assumed that would be something similar to ascyn maybe? Any chance this might come out on say Steam/iOS/Android? 🙂

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