Expansion Clans of Caledonia


I am working on the expansion of Clans of Caledonia. I shared some ideas on BoardGameGeek. Feel free to join the discussion, or even playtest some of the ideas and give feedback!


I am also working on a simple, semi-cooperative card game about looming blackouts! All players may at times need to coordinate their simultaneous card selection to prevent a blackout. When a blackout happens, all players loose immediately. I have presented the game to visitors of the recent BerlinCon.

Jogo do Ano

The “Spiel des Jahres” award was just given to Azul (congratulations!). The nominees for the portuguese Game of the Year award were just announced and Clans of Caledonia is among them! https://www.facebook.com/spielportugal/photos/a.142333075896733.30037.139031692893538/1328456333951062/?type=3&theater

Deutscher Spielepreis

I am very grateful that my latest board game Clans of Caledonia has had such a great reception! It is listed among the best 35 strategy board games of all time on BoardGameGeek, right among the games that I love and admire so much!
The public voting for the “Deutscher Spielepreis” award is about to close this week.
You can fill in this form: https://www.dspvoting.de/ Even though the form is in German, anyone is allowed to vote, even if you don’t live in Germany. Thus, I translated the form into English: https://imgur.com/a/DWUr6Ud If you liked Clans of Caledonia I would be very grateful for your vote! One can win great games and about 100 free tickets for the game fair in Essen!    #SPIEL2018
Pic credit, Henk Rolleman

13 thoughts on “Expansion Clans of Caledonia

  1. Brandon Smith IG @viticulturist says:

    Hey guys. My wife and I absolutely love Clans of Caledonia and have introduced it to a number of friends and family who jumped on the bandwagon. We are wondering if you were able to update us on any further expansion(s) planned for Clans.

    Thank you

  2. Juan Carlos says:

    Hi Juma.

    Congratulations on your game “Clans of Caledonia” It´s really cool.
    Will the expansion support a 5th player? Will that be possible? That would be awesome.

    Juan Carlos

    • juma says:

      The expansion will most likely not suppor a 5th player since this would impact the balancing of the clans and make the game last too long.

  3. Johnson James Chin says:

    Hi Juma,

    First of all, congratulations & thank you for designing such a great game. My friends & I love it very much.

    I recommend that the new expansion comes with a bigger box to replace the current small box that can barely fit all components. In order to ease the setup process, I currently store the game components in multi-compartment containers which cannot fit all into the box.

    Also, I recommend to include inserts (such as those that are made by https://www.gametrayz.com/) that can fit all components into the box. This is to help setup & store the game more easily. I don’t mind paying a little bit more to get good inserts to help setup the game faster & store the game better.

    Good luck with the new expansion & Merry Christmas…

    • juma says:

      Yes I am but I am taking my time. I was submitted a few excellent designs that I now want to focus on and that I will likely publish in 2021. Thank you for your support and interest!

  4. Derrick Johnson says:

    Hello Juma!
    Played Clans for the first time last night and I was hooked! Went searching for a copy to buy and saw it was mostly unavailable online. Then I see this great news about an upcoming expansion! When might we expect the base game and expansions to be available? Are you planning to run a Kickstarter or Gamefound campaign?

    • juma says:

      I don’t know yet when and via which platform I will seek to crowdfund the expansion. Thank you for your interest!

  5. Zrinko says:

    Dear Juma. Your game is absolutely amazing. Lovely design and mechanics. We played it to death a few years back and it’s a game I’ll surely keep in my collection forever. Hearing these news is such a nice surprise. I rarely back anything, but this I’d love to.
    Cheers from Croatia.

  6. Yuri says:

    Hi Juma,
    CoC is one the most loved game in our circle.
    We, Yuri and Ian from Voronezh, Russia, are waiting desperately for the expansion. Hope to see it one day.

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