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Clans of Caledonia on Boardgamearena

Clans of Caledonia was released on the browser-based platform Board Game Arena! Clans of Caledonia is the most popular among 161 games on the whole platform! There are currently more than 700 games of Clans of Caledonia in progress! The developer Leo really did a fantastic job implementing the game.

Digital Clans of Caledonia Automa released! 

After some internal playtesting we feel it is time to let the wider public playtest the digital version of the automa! An automa is a sort of program that simulates a real player. This way you can play against the automa and have an experience that resembles playing a human player. This automa only consists of […]

Expansion Clans of Caledonia

Expansion I am working on the expansion of Clans of Caledonia. I shared some ideas on BoardGameGeek. Feel free to join the discussion, or even playtest some of the ideas and give feedback! Blackout I am also working on a simple, semi-cooperative card game about looming blackouts! All players may at times need to coordinate […]