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Play time: 30 Minutes per player

Player number: 1-4

Age: 10+

Complexity: expert game (3,7 BGG Weight)


Millennia is a competitive civilization game for 1-4 players. The game’s setting spans several millennia, namely a time span of thousands of years. Players go through eight ages from the ancient, to medieval ages, to the modern age and finally to the near future until the player with most fame wins. The game features a beautiful game board and more than 300 cards, with more than 200 unique card illustrations with motifs from different ages.

Each age has several phases. The four most important phases are:

+ Tech phase: In this phase 14 new technology cards from that age are revealed. Players take turns to draft those technology cards.

+ Building Phase: In this phase players take turns to buy newly revealed buildings and wonders from that age.

+ Action phase: In this phase players use their tech cards and buildings to perform actions on the game board. The action phase can be done by all players simultaneously.

+ War Phase: The players reduce their position on the military track by the equal number of steps required to make the lowest positioned player land on 0. Then players score their position minus 1 victory point per defeat.

Tech and building cards have an age duration: it indicates during which ages the respective card is active. At the end of an age, players discard all their tech cards that become obsolete and flip their building cards that become obsolete (players keep them for some scoring purposes). This mechanic allows to change your strategic focus in different phases of the game: For example you can concentrate on military in the early-game and later focus on research when your military cards have become obsolete, or the other way around.

After 8 ages the player with most victory points is crowned the winner!

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