Clans of Caledonia Expansion

I am working heavily on an expansion for our evergreen Clans of Caledonia.

With it, I want to release a reprint of the base game as well. Both can be expected to come to crowdfunding in the second half of 2023.

I am very excited and if you are as well, come and help me shape the future of our beloved Scottish highlands.

Within 2 weeks, Clans of Caledonia should be playable on Tabletop Simulator and I will later add expansion content to be playtested.

So join our Discord channel to discuss my expansion ideas, check out the new content as soon as it is implemented and playtest with me or other Clans of Caledonia fans to provide your feedback, so that I can deliver the best possible product to you.

I also want to have the Clans of Caledonia Automa developed into a mobile app on Android and IOS, and I am thus searching for fans of the game with the required skill set to implement it. Please reach out to me, if you know anyone suitable.

These are exciting times ahead of us, and I am looking forward to receiving your feedback on my games.

Game on,


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