Best games of 2015

2015 is about to end so I am wondering which games were the best of 2015.

Best Party game of 2015

Codenames-minThere is a clear winner, Codenames. It has skyrocketed the Boardgamegeek rankings to the very top. I love it! It is very simple and yet challenging and fun! Also, it is very suitable for introverts, too.

It plays best with 6 players and takes 15 minutes only.

Best Family Game of 2015

Isle of Skye Cover

The best family game of 2015 is not such a clear matter. The boardgamegeek rankings suggest Isle of Skye but it only hit rank 42.


Best Strategy Game and Best Thematic Game of 2015

Pandemic Legacy
Pandemic Legacy, best four player strategy board game

Here we have a very clear winner again. Pandemic Legacy not only hit the top of the strategy game rankings but also the thematic games.

It plays best with four players. Its complexity is relatively low for a strategy game.

Everyone I heard talking about it was absolutely thrilled, mainly because it is such a unique and intense game experience. Everyone was 100% sure the purchase was worth it despite its limited replayability.

I think Pandemic Legacy will impact the gaming industry a lot because it shows that designers should focus on enabling players to have unique experiences. Innovative mechanics can help but are neither necessary nor sufficient to create unique experiences.

Many people think these are the best games of 2015.  Which are your personal favorites of 2015?

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