Imperial 2030

Imperial 2030 is clearly for hardcore gamers. In contrast to Terra Mystica the rules are, however, much leaner. So less experienced gamers have a chance to get into the game. In 2030, the players represent investors who grant bonds to the six world forces Brasil, the US, Europe, India, China and Russia.

The player who has lent a state the most money automatically controls the government and decides whether and when to collect taxes, to built factories, to produce military units and when to attack other countries. If you now think it is like Risk you are completely wrong! In essence, it is an investor – game , the military aspect is accessory. The game could also be described as a cynical description of our capitalist world economic order in which investors control even the governments.


Interaction: 10 out of 10

There is really nothing a player can do that does not affect other players. If a player makes a mistake, for example, it may not only affect the military situation on the world map. It can even make this country a less attractive investment option. If I wanted to invest in this country and take over the government, I would prefer other pptions after this error. Due to the military aspect the interaction in Imperial 2030 is much more confrontational in comparison with most Euro games. This can lead to lively discussions in which players try to manipulate each other.


Fun : 9 out of 10 

With the right players the strong interaction in Imperial 2030 is lot of fun. It is pleasantly complex, you have to make difficult decisions under uncertainty, taking into account even the psychology of the players. Although the rules are relatively easy to understand (for experienced players at least 🙂 the game has a high strategic depth. An egg timer helps us to avoid analysis paralysis. Otherwise a game session can easily last for about 3-4 hours if not more. Players who do not like political games, probably won’t love Imperial 2030.


In our game round Imperial 2030 is one of our favorite games!


Replayability: 7 out of 10

Each game starts with the very same setup. There is the same world map and the same investment options. So the start of each game can feel a bit repetitive. Different playing styles of players and a different number of players still forces you to always be flexible and adapt your strategy to to the constantly changing circumstances. Due to the high degree of interaction you can not just stubbornly follow a plan but must respond to the actions of the other players and change your plans if necessary.


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