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Istanbul is a game for 2-5 players older than 10 and takes about 40-60 minutes. In Istanbul players control merchants and their assistants to rush through the bazaar of Istanbul to collect and sell goods, acquiring special abilities and bonus cards and ultimately to buy and collect 5 rubies to win the game.

El Grande

El Grande is a rather old strategy game from 1995 that still ranks high on Boardgamegeek. It is a rather abstract area control game for 2-5 players and lasts about 90 minutes. It was very influential in the development of the new strategy game Green Deal . Thus, this review will also shed light on […]

Power Grid

Power Grid is one of the most popular classic euro games. It was published in 2004 and still scores very high on Boardgamegeek (10th rank as of Jan 2015). It is a strategy game of medium complexity that is quite “mathy”.


Caverna is the new big game by famous game designer Uwe Rosenberg that already hit 4th rank on Boardgamegeek. It is a worker placement game that is very similar to the farming game Agricola. It is for 1-7 players and lasts about 120 minutes. Thematically it adds dwarfs and mining.


Navegador is a relatively fast (90 min) economic game for 2-5 players set in the Portugues Age of Discovery in the 16th century. Players ship towards Asia, explore new colonies, exploit their resources and sell them on the market.

Terra Mystica Fire and Ice

In October 2014, the Terra Mystica expansion Terra Mystica Fire and Ice was released. Terra Mystica is probably the gamers’ game of the last years, no surprise it is on second rank on Boardgamegeek. This expansions adds even more replayability to a game with tremendous replay value and fixes a few imbalances.

Imperial 2030

Imperial 2030 is clearly for hardcore gamers. In contrast to Terra Mystica the rules are, however, much leaner. So less experienced gamers have a chance to get into the game. In 2030, the players represent investors who grant bonds to the six world forces Brasil, the US, Europe, India, China and Russia. The player who […]