Best Strategy Board Games for two players

You are two players and are wondering what strategy board game you should play next? During your board game sessions you find it hard to agree on which game to play? My own experience is that players discuss for quite a while which game is best for the number of players and they may have different tastes and preferences about the playing time.

So I went through the top 50 strategy board games on boardgamegeek and made a list of the best games for two players.

Here you go:

Game BGG Rank Playing Time
Twilight Struggle  1 180
The Castles of Burgundy 8 30 − 90
Mage Knight Board Game 9 150
Five Tribes 27  40 − 80
Fields of Arle 34 60 − 120
Star Realms 47 20

Obviously there are not that many games among the top 50 list on Boardgamegeek that play best with two players. Three out of these six games are pure two player games. I hope this list helps you to find your strategy board game for two players.

If you have a lot of time Twilight Struggle is obviously choice number one. It is thematically situated in the cold war and simulates the conflict between the US and UdSSR.

Whereas if you have little time, Star Realms is an excellent game. It is a Science-Fiction deckbuilding, interactive card game where players try to eliminate each other.


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