Third Green Deal session at CSR class

The 3rd „gaming-meets-CSR“ session was very successful, there was a good flow in the games, the players developed more sophisticated strategies and really enjoyed the session. Two out of 15 students even bought a copy of Green Deal, how awesome is that!!!

Some Russian exchange students also wanted a copy but can’t fit it in their suitcase. After the sessions the students were supposed to ask me for their research papers, but some got really interested in strategy and were probing for some „secret“ strategy hints in order to play better next time. This was a very uplifting experience for me. In these moments I feel that all the turmoil in this project was absolutely worth it!

The students will now write papers reflecting the game and its link to reality and the content of their CSR class (Corporate Social Responsibility; think sustainable management). Also, Prof. Dr. Althaus collected feedback via questionnaires after all three game sessions. He didn’t analyze the data yet but he felt that the students were much more motivated than usually. Furthermore, the game seemed to encourag some rather calm students to be more active than usually.

Here is a short video of a business student explaining his winning strategy in the „post-game analysis“ 😉


Juma observing In full action Industrial Spying Action Card Prof. Dr. Althaus observing Prof. Dr. Althaus analyzing his students' strategies ...


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