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Clans of Caledonia is rated 8.1 out of 10 on average by over 5,000 users! This makes the game rank 35 of the best strategy games of all time

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Tom Vasel – The Dice Tower

Tom is the most influential board game reviewer world-wide with more than 188,000 youtube subscribers! 

He loved Clans of Caledonia and gave it the Seal of Excellence ! 

Rahdo Runs Through

Rahdo loves euro games and his 75,000 youtube subcribers prove how polular he is as a board game reviewer. 

Clans of Caledonia is as close to perfect as you can get


Stonemaier Games – My Favorite Game Mechanisms

Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier games highlights his favorite game mechanisms in Clans of Caledonia. 

Clans of Caledonia is complex but not complicated which is great! 

Final Score: 5 Stars – Amazing. Easily in the running for best of 2017. This belongs on the shelf of every player who calls themselves a Euro-gamer.

Alex Rosenwald / Boardgamequest
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Clans of Caledonia is easily one of the best Euro’s released in 2017. Not only does it play extremely well at all player counts, it does so in a time effective manner. 

Derek Funkhouser / Board Game Spotlight
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Visually, Clans of Caledonia is one of the most well put together games that I have ever played. Mechanically, Clans of Caledonia’s just a stellar game.

David McMillan / meeple mountain
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