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    GREEN DEAL is a strategic board game for 3-5 players. In the board game GREEN DEAL you lead an inte...

  • Pretty Ugly

    Pretty Ugly is a satirical game about Top Model TV Shows and beauty mania in our modern society. Pla...


Terra Mystica - Fire & Ice

Terra Mystica Fire & Ice Review

Terra Mystica Fire & Ice Review

In October 2014, the expansion Fire & Ice for Terra Mystica was released. Terra Mystica is probably the gamers’ game of the last years, no surprise it is on second rank on Boardgamegeek. Fire & Ice adds even more replayability to a game with tremendous replay value and fixes a few imbalances.

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Third Green Deal session at CSR class

The 3rd “gaming-meets-CSR” session was very successful, there was a good flow in the games, the players developed more sophisticated strategies and really enjoyed the session. Two out of 15 students even bought a copy of Green Deal, how awesome is that!!!

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Green Deal used to teach sustainable management

Recently, I received news that excited me a lot as it was quite a surprise! Prof. Dr. Althaus teaches Corporate Social Responsibility at the university FH Wildau to master students. He bought a couple of copies of our new sustainability board game Green Deal and set up a curriculum to use it to teach sustainable management in class in the winter semester of 2014 already!

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