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  • Clans of Caledonia

    Clans of Caledonia is the new strategy game by Juma Al-JouJou and Karma Games. It will be released ...


    GREEN DEAL is a strategic board game for 3-5 players. In the board game GREEN DEAL you lead an inte...

  • Fette Ernte

    "Fette Ernte" is German and means big harvest. It is a simple and fun card game for the whole family...


Heroes of Jugger TTG

Board games that try to simulate the feeling of a sport usually fail. It is difficult to create the same kind of dynamic of a sport in a board game. Heroes of Jugger TTG  positively surprised me as a game designer and jugger player.

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The Voyages of Marco Polo Strategy Guide

Marco Polo is a complex strategy game and has won the Deutsche Spielepreis in 2015. Especially the very asymetric characters contribute the strategic depth and popularity of the game. Thus, I want to share some really useful hints in this Marco Polo strategy guide.

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Best games of 2015

2015 is about to end so I am wondering which games were the best of 2015.

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