Karma Games is accepting game submissions from game designers and is especially interested in games within these categories that have the following features:

Mid-heavy euro games 

  • little or no luck
  • highly replayable
  • good flow
  • high level of indirect interaction
  • scale well with number of players
  • well balanced
  • decently thematic (without being too complex)
  • possibility of being highly language independent
  • expected BGG weight approx. between 2.7 and 3.7
  • Play time between 60 and 120 min
  • player count at least 1 – 4

Many game designers of euro games focus a lot on inventing novel mechanics. We at Karma Games think games should primarily be fun and if the novel mechanics are fun, even better! However, a novel mechanic is worth nothing if it actually decreases the fun players have. We like innovation but fun is the most important feature of a game. We are particularly intested in games that are relatively deep despite rather simple and streamlined rules.

Abstract Games

  • Simple rules and emerging complexity
  • highly interactive (indirective or directive)
  • variable setup that reduces or eliminates the advantage of learning “opening theory” by heart (eg. like chess 960)
  • with a handicap system to balance players (eg. like in Go)
  • 100% language-independent
  • player count 2 or 2 – 4

Juma, the founder of Karma Games, was a competitive chess player and is an abstract gamer at heart. He also played Go reguarly for a while. Thus, he understands abstract games very deeply.

Party Games

  • very easy to learn
  • highly interactive
  • portable, small box

We love games such as Avalon and Dixit that you can play with your non-gamer friends and have a blast!


If you have any such game that fits within these 3 categories and that posseses most of the features listed feel free to send the rulebook via email. If we are interested we will ask you to send us a prototype so we can playtest it.