Clan Fergusson

All three of your inital workers do not need to be adjacent to each other but must be placed on border spaces of the active map.

If you expand into a space neighbouring several opponent spaces with units deployed, you may use the Neighbourhood bonus for each of these units. You cannot buy more than three pieces of the same type of Good per turn, (four pieces in a 2 player game) even when expanding into a space neighbouring two identical units.

Rare goods scoring (Cotton, Tobacco, Sugar cane): If there is a tie regarding the amount of Imported Goods, Cotton is the rarest, followed by Tobacco, then Sugar cane.

Example: 5 units of Cotton and Tobacco were imported each and 7 units of Sugar cane. In a tie, Cotton is rarer than Tobacco so Cotton is the rarest, tobacco is the second rarest and Sugar cane is the most common import good. Thus, each Cotton is worth 5 VP, each Tobacco is worth 4 VP and each Sugar cane is worth 3 VP.

Shipping: When you have 1-loch shipping or higher, you may EITHER cross a loch hex (or more if your shipping allows it) OR you may cross a river but not both during a single Expand action.

You don’t need to track the rare import goods on the track with markers (because you are alone and can see your own fulfilled contracts easily) but their value still depends on the relative amount you imported. The least imported good is still worth 5 vp each, and the most imported good is still worth 3 VP each, just as in the multiplayer game.

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