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Clans of Caledonia is a midweight economic game that is set in 19th-century Scotland.

The premium version includes: 

  • everything the standard game contains
  • + 70 custom metal coins
  • + an exclusive box sleeve that won’t be reprinted

The game was crowdfunded on Kickstarter at more than $400,000 in 2017. It is already among the top 35 strategy board games of all time on Boardgamegeek!

What people love about Clans of Caledonia is the:

  • rules are elegant and easy to learn
  • strategic depth is high
  • interaction between players is solid
  • replayability with 9 clans and a modular board is tremendous
  • artwork is lovely and the game comes with plenty of realistic wooden tokens

Check out the video tutorial and review videos to learn more.

The game contains both a German and an English rulebook.

Theme in Clans of Caledonia

In the 19th century, Scotland made the transition from an agricultural to an industrialized country that heavily relied on trade and export. In the following, the food production increased significantly to feed the population growth. Linen was increasingly substituted by the cheaper cotton and raising sheep was given high importance. More and more distilleries were founded and whisky became the premium alcoholic beverage in Europe.

Players represent nine historic clans with unique abilities and compete to produce, trade and export agricultural goods and of course whisky!

The core mechanics and strategies are very thematic.

Game structure

The game ends after 5 rounds. Each rounds consists of the three phases:

1. Players’ turns
2. Production phase
3. Round Scoring

1. Players take turns and do one of 8 possible actions, from building, to upgrading, trading and exporting. When players run out of money, they pass and collect a passing bonus.

2. In the production phase, each player collects basic resources, refined goods and cash from their production units built on the game map. Each production unit built makes income visibe on the player mat. Refined goods require the respective basic resource.

3. Players receive glory depending on the scoring tile of the current round. Players need to adjust their glory markers only 5 times in the whole game.

The game comes with 9 different clans, a modular board with 16 configurations, 9 port bonuses and 9 round scoring tiles.




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